Aspire Systems acquires a majority stake in RapidValue Solutions

Chennai: Aspire Systems, a global information technology services company on Tuesday announced that it has acquired a majority stake in RapidValue Solutions, a digital product engineering services and solutions.

As part of this agreement, Aspire Systems is buying out the entire stake of Helion Ventures to become the majority shareholder.

“As a fast-growing player in the digital space, we feel Aspire Systems is the right strategic partner to take RapidValue Solutions to the next level of growth.” said Dr. Ashish Gupta, Senior Managing Director, Helion Venture Partners.

The acquisition will enable Aspire to strengthen its capabilities in digital engineering, which is a key area of focus for enterprises and ISVs as they try to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives in these uncertain times.

“The founders of RapidValue have built a fundamentally strong and differentiated organization, and we are coming in at the right time as the company switches gears for the next phase of growth,” said Gowri Shankar Subramanian, Chairman and CEO, Aspire Systems. “The most interesting aspect for us is the fact that both companies have a high-degree of focus on people and are operating at the leading edge of technology. This combination will help us stay ahead and enable us to continue providing a compelling value proposition to our current and future customers.”

Aspire and RapidValue plan to continue operating as independent entities and expect the opportunity to integrate operations fully after a few years. The transaction is expected to provide a significant impetus to Aspire’s growth journey towards its goal of $200 million revenues in 3 years, Subramanian said.

Rajesh Padinjaremadam, CEO, RapidValue Solutions said this was a significant milestone in his company’s growth.

“This transaction with Aspire will help us in scaling our services to a global footprint and offering transformative digital engineering solutions in the marketplace. We strongly believe that this partnership will help us grow faster while leveraging Aspire’s capabilities and cross-selling their services to our customers.”